Advanced Web Page Design

An advanced course in website design using HTML5, CSS3 and Photoshop.

Wordpress Quest

Our first web Quest is to create a website using the content management system (CMS) Wordpress.

We will transform a very simple, boring theme into a site that is visually dynamic and memorable (for a good reason).

Quest Handout

Download MAMP

Download Wordpress

Client Quest

Work for a client in a group or as an individual to complete the entire web design process. Platforms vary depending on client needs - Google Sites, Wordpress, or old school hand-coding.

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Mobile First! Side Quest

This side quest runs concurrently with the Client Quest and is an opportunity for students to get back to their coding roots and create their own code by hand.

Following the "Mobile First" philosophy, our goal is to create a working template for a responsive website. The first focus is on making this site functional for mobile devices. Functionality for tablets and desktop size screens is added later through the use of "breakpoints".

Quest Handout

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