Web Page Design I

An introductory course in website design using HTML5, CSS3 and Photoshop.

Introduction: Learning Basic HTML, CSS and Image Editing

The beginning of this course is focused on three areas: HTML, image creation/manipulation, and CSS. Classes will rotate between learning to understand/write HTML and basic image creation/manipulation before moving on to learn CSS. CSS will be learned through an online "questing" game format.

Resources for learning HTML and CSS are available at:
Learn to Code
The CSS game is located at:

Quest 1: Same Page Website

Stretch your HTML and CSS skills by creating a 2 page website where your pages are visually identical in the Browser but structured differently in the HTML and CSS.

Read the following documents for further details:

Quest Handout

Quest Rubric

Quest 2: Full-Scale Website

Our next quest will be a full-scale website that we work on long term. This will be divided into several phases intended to mirror the design process of a professional web developer.

Quest Handout

Quest Rubric

Website Planning Sheet

Style-Tile Handout

Website Mock-up HandoutStyle-Tile Template