Acton Boxborough Regional High School offers the following course in Illustration:


Grades: 10-12, Grouping: Heterogeneous
Pre-Requisites: Drawing and Painting with a B- or higher
This course introduces a variety of illustration forms including: editorial illustration, scientific illustration, fashion illustration, comics, graphic novels, and children’s books. Students will learn about classic and contemporary illustrators and will work in the media of their choice to develop a unique artistic voice and style. The entire illustration creative process will be covered, from ideation to publication. Students will also learn skills in self-promotion, including maintaining an online portfolio.

Marketing and Self-Promotion

Logo Design

Create a logo that represents your brand and identity as an illustrator
Logo Design Handout ~ Logo Design Rubric


Create an online portfolio of your illustration work using the provided template in Google Classroom.
How to Create Your Portfolio


Create mailings using your finished illustrations and InDesign that could be submitted to publishers/editors to get illustration work.

Scientific Illustration

Create a scientific illustration showing multiple views of a natural object from direct observation.
Scientific Handout ~ Scientific Rubric

Fashion or Editorial Series

Create a series of 3 illustrations focused either on fashion or social commentary.
Fashion Handout ~ Fashion Rubric

Illustrated Book Process

Go through the creative process of making an illustrate picture book, comic book, or graphic novel. As part of this process we will:

  1. Brainstorm and plan a story
  2. Design characters
  3. Create character models
  4. Plan out page compositions
  5. Create a dummy book
  6. Create a selection of final illustrations

Book Rubric