Learning Code


HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, is the structural language used in designing web pages.

Basic Page Structure

An HTML page is made up of different elements (similar to containers) that hold different types of information. Most HTML elements have an opening and a closing tag with content placed in the middle:

<opening tag> content </closing tag>

Everything in an HTML page should be placed inside an element called html; this allows the browser to recognize the language:

<html> content </html>

Inside the HTML elements are always 2 major sections, the head and the body:

   <head> content </head>
   <body> content </body>

The head is the "brains" behind your page - this is information that the browser needs but does not display on the page itself. This information usually includes:

  • a title element
  • meta data
  • a link to the stylesheet
   <head> <title> Site or Page Title </title> </head>

The body contains the visible content on your page.

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