3D Graphics II

A course in game design & animation using Blender.

Blender Physics

To get a handle over physics in Blender, we will create short animations utilizing the different physics systems. Feel free to make something abstract, to continue an old animation, or to reuse old reources in a new way.

Quest Handout

Blender Shortcuts

Rendering Directions

Physics 2.0

For our next quest, we are going to refine the physics animations using the post processing or compositing process. You could optimize your lighting (bloom), adjust what is in focus (depth of field), add motion blurs, mist, sunbeams or etc.

About Compsiting

Compositing FX

Quest Rubric

Game Development

For this quest, we will learn the basics of Game Development in Blender by creating a very basic game. We will follow the tutorial below, which has several different segments:

Part 1: Creating the Game Board

Part 2: Intro to Game Logic

Part 3: Scores, Time Limits and Python Scripts
           Download update.py

Part 4: The Win Scene and Dynamic Text

Part 5: Adding Levels and Game Export

Long Term Quest

Create a completed animation or video game - your choice!

This quest will be ongoing for the entire last term.

Quest Handout

Optional 3D Printing

During the last term of class, students interested in 3D printing can create a mesh to use with our Makerbot 3D printer!

3D Printing Guidelines