3D Graphics I

A course in modeling & animation using Blender.

Blender Basics

To learn the basics of Blender modeling, we'll start by creating a flower and a basic creature. The process will walk you through many of the modeling tools so that you will be familiar with the general modeling capabilities.

Here are some handouts to help you get started.

Don't forget to check out the Helpful Links page for some video tutorials as well.

Quest 1: 4 Objects

Create a group of 4 objects to be used in your future animation. Please see further details in your Quest Handout:

Quest Handout

You will also need to know how to add color/textures to your objects:

UV Mapping Directions

Texture Painting Directions

Quest 2: Creating Your Landscape

For this quest, you will create an original "landscape" or environment for your animation. Using our developing skills with lighting and texture, we want to create a convinvcing setting for our animation.

Your "landscape" does not need to be a traditional landscape - this should be dependent on your specific story. Your setting could be the inside of a house, one room, a forest, or outerspace.

Quest Handout

Quest Rubric

Landscape Tutorial ~ making a realistic (outdoor) ground and an introduction to the particle system (making realistic grass)

Quest 3: Character Quest

In what may be our most compex quest yet, you will create and rigify a character, placing them into a walk cycle to create a basic animation.

1. Create your mesh     ~     Base head mesh
2. Create your own rig
3. Create a walk cycle and Render the animation

Quest Handout    Quest Rubric